Tres Picos is 20 years old

Tres Picos is 20 years old

Borsao Tres Picos cumple 20 años

It seems like yesterday, but 20 years have passed since the birth of our most emblematic wine. 20 years of joys, satisfactions and a lot of work that have led us to place the Aragon Grenache where it deserves.

Since its inception, with Tres Picos we have struggled to revalue this variety of grape and the numerous awards harvested throughout this time around the world crown this flagship of the winery as one of the Grenache wines of reference.

As this is a 20 years long way, today we want to tell you some things that you probably did not know about this wine. Do you want to know 20 curiosities in these 20 years of Tres Picos? Here we go.

  1. The name refers to the three peaks that Moncayo has at its top: Moncayo itself, Peña Negra and Lobera.
  2. Another aspect that number three nods to is the cooperatives that made up Borsao when Tres Picos was born: Borja, Pozuelo de Aragón and Tabuenca.
  3.  The idea of creating Tres Picos arose in one of the first dinners of the then newly established Borsao, specifically in a conversation between the former manager, José Miguel Sanmartín, Jose Luis Chueca, the winery’s main winemaker, and some international importers.
  4.  The objective of the creation of Tres Picos was to defend our heritage and demonstrate the potential of Grenache throughout the world, at a time when this variety did not enjoy a good reputation.
  5. This meant that at its birth, Tres Picos was considered a groundbreaking wine by the markets, attracting their attention and managing to open the doors for Aragon Grenache in the world.
  6. 6. It was shown that working from old vines and low yields, the quality of the grape was unbeatable, breaking the myth present at the time that the Garnacha “was used only to increase the alcohol content” or “that it did not have good evolution”.
  7. In its beginnings, Tres Picos did not go through barrels, although little by little it was introduced, which has ended up giving it that characteristic touch.
  8. Hundreds of people are interested each year in visiting the vineyards where the Tres Picos grapes grow, at more than 850 meters of altitude. During the visit, the three peaks of Moncayo and its wellsprings, responsible for the survival of these dry vineyards, are also seen. China, Japan, the United States or Canada are some of the places of origin of these visitors.
  9. Tres Picos is popular with celebrities. Alejandro Sanz or Juan Echanove are some of the actors, singers and other Spanish celebrities who have been interested in this wine. It is also common to see it on the menus of various Michelin Star restaurants inside and outside our borders, such as the Jaleo restaurant run by chef José Andrés in the US.
  10. In fact, you can order a Tres Picos in more than 50 countries.
  11. It is a wine that everyone likes. From 18 to 99 years old. With him it is easy to enjoy good times with friends and family.
  12. Tres Picos is especially loved by the wine masterclasses around the world. This year, at one held in China, several attendees came with their nails decorated with the logo of this wine. What a great detail!
  13.  You will find it in two formats: the traditional 75 centiliter and the 1.5 liter magnum bottle, perfect for tables of 4 to 6 people.
  14. Its ideal pairings are meat stews, sausages, cured cheeses, legumes, barbecues, rice and pasta.
  15.  It is very common to find Tres Picos in various professional tastings. This year we have selected a vertical tasting of the 2005, 2015 and 2018 vintages that you cannot miss in our online store.
  16. Tres Picos has positioned itself in the international media as the best wine in the world, in the case of Wine Spectator, in the TOP 100 for two vintages. And in Robert Parker’s magazine, The Wine Advocate, as one of the best wines in the world for its value for money. Other media that have highlighted its quality are VinePair, AEPEV or Vivino.
  17. At present, Tres Picos is present in numerous guides, national and international, as a reference of the Garnacha.
  18. Tres Picos was the first Spanish wine to register a label with the word Garnacha, so we could say that we were the first winery to be proud of this variety.
  19.  On the occasion of its 20th birthday, Tres Picos launches a new image, renewing its label and maintaining all its essence.
  20.  For all of us who are part of Borsao it is a pride that our little great Tres Picos has come so far. However, there is still a long way to go. We promise to continue highlighting the Garnacha from Campo de Borja for many more years.

We hope you enjoyed learning new things about this wine as much as we did telling you about them. For another 20 years!

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