The Hillsides of the Moncayo shelter the vineyards located between 350 and 800 metres of altitude, regulating cold, heat and moderating the effects of the North-west Cierzo, which is responsible for the characteristic wild fruit aromas (Silvestres).

Focus on “Garnacha”: We believe in the use of this indigenous variety, originated in our region. 64% of the total surface of our vineyards is planted with it. All the wines in our range are based in Garnacha, some of them 100% and some others with just a proportion to add fruit and a sense of place.

All 1,500 hectares in our property are planted with an indigenous clon of Garnacha, 900 hectares correspond to “Garnacha de Monte”, i.e. Garnacha over 35 years of age, growing on hillsides, bush-trained and not irrigated.

The Moncayo, with its soft undulations, provides optimum conditions for growing grapes, especially Garnacha that by tradicion respresents 70% of the total production.

New varieties such as Syrah, Tempranillo, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon have adapted to this hard, dry and stony land. The hillsides and undulations of the Moncayo protect the different vineyar, 2,260 hectares, situated at altitudes between 400 and 700 m, regulating the cold, the heat and the typical Cierzo from the North that gives the grape its characteristic wild aroma.

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