International Grenache Day, Friday 16th September

International Grenache Day

Every third Friday of the month of September we celebrate the International Grenache Day to commemorate the history of this grape, variety of which origin is Aragón. This year it will be on Friday, 16th September  that we celebrate the day of our main variety, the Grenache. It is already the fifth most planted red variety in the world. For us it represents 65% of the vines, it is a jewel of an intense purple red that hangs in bunches of leaves of a vibrant green, it is our base, origin and tradition.

This is the Garnacha Grape, also known as the Aragonese Red, and the International Day of the Grenache celebrates its evolution, history and the contribution, it has made to some of the most delicious wines in the world.

In Bodegas Borsao we have always bet on it, defending the vines, taking care of the grapes, giving the plant what it needed on the field and in the winery.

And so turning our wines into special and outstanding wines nationally and internationally.

How to celebrate International Grenache Day?

  • Uncorking a Borsao wine
  • Doing a Grenache wine tasting
  • Organizing paired tasting
  • If you are close… in the vineyard or winery taste a grenache wine
  • Promoting Grenache wines

Plan a trip and visit us!!

Bodegas Borsao, an European benchmark in sustainability, is the treasure of the DO Campo de Borja, located in Borja, Aragon. Recently Bodegas Borsao has opted even more for its wine heritage and the Grenache variety, has created a new winery in the heart of the Grenache Empire,

maintaining its involvement with the economy, life in rural areas and the consolidation as a world reference in wines of the Grenache variety.

In Bodega we will have a visit and garnacha tasting  on Friday and Saturday at 11.00.Bodegas Borsao bodega ilustración