Snow is reserve and guarantee for the Vineyard

Borsao. Laderas blancas del Moncayo

Light snow cover brightening the landscape in Borsao

It´s snowing  now  in Campo de Borja, we have a winter Atlantic influence, low rainfall. Snow is good for all the different soils and altitude we have:

The red clay mixed with red slates at an altitude of 750 meters in Tabuenca, the sandy soils with rolling stones at an altitude of 450 meters in Borja and the limy soils mixed with gravels at an altitude of 350 meters in Pozuelo.

It is very good for the vineyards because it melts slowly into the clay soil rather than running off quickly during a rain shower therefore building up reserves for the long hot summers.

The cold has other benefits kills some fungi and insects that may have been installed on the vines.

After the snow, the plant will continue its process and will be born in the spring with all its strength.

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