Robert M Parker publish his predictions for the new year 2014

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January, 2nd, 2014

Robert M Parker publish his predictions for the new year 2014

  1. More resistance to very expensive wines from mediocre vintages-think Europe 2011,2012,and 2013
  2. California profits from two glorious years of quality and quantity-2012 and 2013
  3. The undefined scam called “natural” or “authentic” wines will be exposed as a fraud-(most serious wines have no additives)
  4. Argentina will continue to excel for malbecs and their crispy whites from Torrontes
  5. Spain, southern Italy and France will dominate for high quality wines under $20
  6. Pinot noir lovers will go bonkers over Oregon 2012s and California 2012s and 2013s
  7. Wine will continue to become less elitist and populists will rule the day over insufferable snobs
  8. Wine Fraud will reach into the sanctus santorum of several auctionhouses which will be found to have turned a blind eye to red flags
  9. The Coravin wine preservation system will profoundly change the way we drink rare and limited production gems
  10. The government will finally require all wine labels to reveal caloric and ingredients
  11. Wine bloggers will continue to complain about their failure to monetize their sites and earn respect:)
  12. Eastern & mid-Atlantic wineries will pick up consumers support based on the strength of 2012 & 2012, &c onsumers seeking new “experiences”
  13. More BYO high quality bistros & trattorias will burst on the scene in response to over-priced,excessive mark-ups at other restaurants
  14. Expect more mobile food trucks-featuring Korean,Mexican, South American, and Asian fusion offerings
  15. Look for Prosecco and Cava sparkling wine sales to erode some of the profit and glamour from Champagne”

Displaying also his best value wineries of the year… in #19 named Bodegas Borsao.

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