What are the experts saying about us?

  • Thomas Matthews  Wine Spectator. January-Feb 2016  
    “2014 Borsao Garnacha: Best Value!”.
  • Robert Parker  Erobertparker.com. November 2015  
    “Borsao Tres Picos 2014: Best of 2015”.
  • Josh Raynolds  Vinous Media. September 2015  
    “Borsao Tres Picos 2014: 92 points”.
  • Sarah Jane Evans  Inside Decanter. February 2016  
    “Borsao is a good example os success”.
  • Robert Parker  Erobertparker.com. November 8, 2013  
    “If you have not yet discovered the great values of Bodegas Borsao, it´s about time you do”.
  • Robert Parker  Wine Advocate. October 2012. Issue#203  
    BORSAO TINTO SELECCION 2011. 90 points. “Possibly the single greatest dry red wine value in the world, this is an unbelievable wine”.
  • Wine Spectator  
    “On the Top 100 wineries of the world”.
  • Stephen Tanzer´s International Wine Cellar  
    “Amazing Value”.
  • Jancis Robinson  12/28/2009  
    “The best Spanish red for its value for money and availability on the UK market is ‘Gran Tesoro 2008’ made by Bodegas Borsao”.
  • David Vogels  from Sommelier Journal  
    "The 2010 Borsao Garnacha Tres Picos from Campo de Borja, Spain, was named the 2012 Sommelier’s Choice by Sommelier Journal following an extensive nominating and blind-tasting process".
  • Rob Garretson  in examiner.com. February 9, 2013  
    “This is the modern style of Spanish wine”. “...A nice balance between Old World earthiness and New World exuberance”. “This is definitely one to buy by the case”.
  • wine-searcher.com  Oct, 2013  
    Borsao Tres Picos 2010 stands “the best Grenache´s wine in value”.
  • Luis Tolosa  Book presentation "Los Supervinos 2014". An in agroinformacion.com  
    Best Value wine? Any of Borsao (Aragón).
  • Carlos Delgado  El viajero/ El País. 6 dic 2013  
    “Concentrated, dense and fruity. Only the invaluable works of Borsao offers the recognition of Denomination Origen Campo de Borja”.
  • José Luis Solanilla  Heraldo de Aragón. Blog entre copas y pucheros. 03/21/2013  
    “The new Borsao 2012 seleccion is better than the best wine of the world”.
  • Carlos Delgado  El viajero/ El País. 12 July 2013  
    “Borsao as exultant wine, intensely fruity aroma, sweet flavor and very long aftertaste”.
  • Tim Fish  Wine Spectator. April 24, 2013  
    “A Spanish Red Value that Puts California to Shame”. “Garnacha leaves the Golden State in the dust”. “It's funny how people get excited about a great bargain”.
  • Mitch Frank  Wine Spectator. Oct 15, 2013  
    "Garnacha on the Mountain". “In Spain's Campo de Borja, Bodegas Borsao climbed uphill for quality”. “Winery has created a brand that showcases the quality and character of the grape”.
  • Tim Fish  Exploring wine. Wine Spectator. Oct 9, 2013  
    "Can You Spare 10 Bucks for a Good Wine? It’s a big fun world of wine when it comes to finding values. Some of my favorites from the store is Borsao Garnacha Campo de Borja 2012".
  • Thomas Matthews  Wine Spectator. January 18, 2013  
    “Spain has long delivered fine wines at reasonable prices. Excepcional reds: Borsao Garnacha and Monte Oton are polished red is both fresh and intense, with focused black cherry, boysenberry, licorice and ginger flavors backed by smooth tannins and well-integrated acidity”.
  • Andy Cronshaw  Wine column in Manchester Evening News  
    “Borsao Garnacha is a great value”.
  • Independent Wine Review  Friday, 2 August 2013  
    “One of our favourite reasonably priced Spanish reds".
  • Sommelier Wine Awards  Imbibe Live Show. London, June, 2013  
    Borsao: “Best Red House Wine”.
  • Gil Lempert-Schwarz  The Wine Institute of Las Vegas. April 21, 2010  
    "...the company has access to plenty of fantastic fruit that other wineries can only dream about, it has the prerogative to create a great bargain wine”.
  • Jon Thorsen  Reverse Wine Snob. March 1, 2013  
    "How can you not love these cheap, delicious Spanish wines? This one features an absolutely fabulous bouquet of beautiful blueberry, blackberry, smoked meat, vanilla, anise, violet and more. I'm a sucker for a good aroma and this is a wonderfully complex one. In fact, I'd be happy just to smell it! Of course eventually I would get thirsty but lucky for me it tastes just as good as it smells, DELICIOUS!".
  • Richard Nalley  Forbes. 7/28/2009  
    “Winemakers know that the grape Garnacha, when cultivated correctly with low yield and gentle touch in the winery can make something memorable and seductive. Grenache doesn´t always carry a premium price tag. Check out Borsao crianza wines”.
  • Robert Parker´s twitt on 26th of August 2012  
    “-buy Bodegas Borsao 2010s and 2011s-all from Campo de Borja-all under $10, which is F*@$^@ unreal for such quality-red, white, and rose wine”.
  • Robert Parker  Wine Advocate. Issue #195. June 2011  
    “BODEGAS BORSAO has long been known for high quality value-priced wines and the current releases are no exception”.


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